Upcoming Exhibits 2019


September 19 - October 19, 2019

Halberg Center for the Arts (Main Gallery)

5521 East Viking Blvd

Wyoming MN 55092


September  19th  (4 PM  -  )


”Honor the space between no longer and not yet.” 

~Nancy Levin

My  dear  friend and talented  artist artist, Richard Mittelstadt will join me in this special  exhibit  (Cube  Gallery) .  Having  met  Richard  (Rick)  about  10  years  ago,  I  knew  he  was  a  one-of-a-kind-special-sort-of-person...always  with  a  generous  encouraging  word  to  share  and  lots  of  creative  wisdom  to  offer.

I  really  enjoyed  bumping  into  him  at  various  art  exhibits  and  chatting  with  him.   We  would  often  share  with  mutual  enthusiasm  our  excitement  or  frustration  of  any  given  project  occupying  our  attention.  More  often  than  not,  Rick  was  helping  me  to  problem  solve  and  would  describe  how  the  sightees  would  accomplish  something  I  was  hoping  to  achieve. If  Rick  was  stuck,  I  would  challenge  him  to  stop  looking  at  it  so  much  and  to  trust  his  process,  feel  his  way  thru.   I  think  it  was our  shared  curiosities  that  pushed  us  both  to  stretch  the  boundaries  of  our  comfortablities.  

I  can  only  speak  for  myself,  but  thru  our  numerous  dialogues  I  moved beyond  painting  with  just  my  fingertips  and  experimented  with  a  paint  brush,  pallet  knife  and  make  shift  found  items.  I  also  tried  new  products  and  processes  I  heard  Rick  mention  in  the  course  of  our  many  conversations,  albeit,  not  as  the  manufacture  intended,  but  then  again...is  there  really  a  ‘right  way’?  

I  so  hope  visitors will  enjoy  and  appreciate these  creative  works inspired  and  or  derived  by  our  conversations  and reflect there  is  always  

more  than  one  interpretation.  

A Veteran’s Affair


November 3 - 24, 2019

Owatonna Arts Center

435 Garden View Lane

Owatonna MN 55060

It has been my privilege to hear the stories of other veterans and paint out images of the American flags that reflect those shares.

Look for a special event announcement honoring veterans.

Frita Legacy Art Exhibition


Sponsored by: The Academy of Special Dreams and Light Art Gallery touring cities in the United States and abroad, closing April 2020.

”I am happy to be alive as long as I can paint.” ~Frida Kahlo

A New Year A New Vision

2020 I 20/20

I honestly don’t know what I was thinking when I filled the 2019 calendar with an exhibit every 6-8 weeks! 

2020 brings a new year and will  be  the  introduction  to  my new vision (pun intended) of how my art will be exhibited and experienced! 

20/20  is  the  term  widely  used to  measure  visual  acuity...the  year  2020  will  be  a  great  year  for  me  to  widely  expose  a new way  of  ‘seeing’ things.

Details will be provided in the coming weeks!