This page is intended to compliment the Navigating IMpossible exhibit at the Lakeville Area Arts Center. It provides a brief description  of works on the lower level light touch navigation gallery to those using screen reader technology.

Painted Stories

at ease

image of a brown turtle outlined in white painted over a background of soft blue and teals.


bright orange paint with hints of yellow and red circular in motion arrive at center becoming white

woman in red

abstract image of a person variety of squiggly paint creating the hair, no eyes blue face red lips

drop of a tear

12 detailed orange, pink, yellow petaled flower with violet centric center right center over lime

Verde Bloom

3 leaves tactile green highlighted with trace amounts of yellow and orange green brushed background

celebrating sisterhood

two abstract poppy-shaped red flowers with green stems splatterings over a teal background

circles of trust

abstract tree with green red blue yellow circles word God in upper left red thinking man lower right

the sentinel

orange shaped lizard painted over 5 canvas only 3 limbs are visible body is very shiny and slick

royal cosmic explosion

stretching from center left to right are thin white purple orange and teal almond shaped lines

El pequeno phenomon de brodie

an image of a worn and tattered yellow flower-like bloom with purple metal background green center

i love you t-h-i-s much

white and purple cross with a magenta gloss heart from center over a cloudy sky-like blue background


two hearts with alternate color patterns using yellow and purple outlined in black acrylic