10th artistry anniversary exhibit

About the artist:


I once considered myself a creative topographist, navigating the picture plane with my fingers--because I felt like it was necessary. I work primarily using colorful acrylics; manipulating the interplay of color and gesture to both conceal and reveal the underlying tactile landscapes I build on canvas. 

I am inspired by sensorial and spiritual influences of life encounters, memories, music and the natural world that surrounds me. Every layer of painted color or textural topography needs time to dry/set. Ultimately most paintings take a couple months or more to complete. The process certainly tests my focus and patience!

I have so many images to paint out and each has a special story to tell ...and though my eyesight is diminished, I continue to dream the images my fingers 'itch' to create..for others to see--and to feel.


Most recently, I decided to challenge the 'boundaries' of my perceived limitations. Thru a variety of study series focusing on composition, color and texture, I found a greater freedom incorporating a less restrictive and more flexible, fluid technique. I gained so much confidence in my painting skills; loving the painted stories that come out of me!

Over the past decade, I have been extremely fortunate to have my work displayed and collected thru the United States, Canada, Mexico and Europe. I enjoy my role as an Arts Ambassador for both VSA (MN) and The Academy of Special Dreams (CA) I am very blessed to share my personal message of hope and possibilities.

Personal Mantra: 

”The words, I’m possible’ is found in the word impossible.”  (Audrey Hepburn)