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Do you see what I feel?

About the artist:


I once considered myself a creative topographist, navigating the picture plane with my fingers--because I felt like it was necessary. I work primarily using colorful acrylics; manipulating the interplay of color and gesture to both conceal and reveal the underlying tactile landscapes I build on canvas. 

I am inspired by sensorial and spiritual influences of life encounters, memories, music and the natural world that surrounds me. Every layer of painted color or textural topography needs time to dry/set. Ultimately most paintings take a couple months or more to complete. The process certainly tests my focus and patience!

I have so many images to paint out and each has a special story to tell ...and though my eyesight is diminished, I continue to dream the images my fingers 'itch' to create..for others to see--and to feel.


Most recently, I decided to challenge the 'boundaries' of my perceived limitations. Thru a variety of study series focusing on composition, color and texture, I found a greater freedom incorporating a less restrictive and more flexible, fluid technique. I gained so much confidence in my painting skills; loving the painted stories that come out of me!

Over the past decade, I have been extremely fortunate to have my work displayed and collected thru the United States, Canada, Mexico and Europe. I enjoy my role as an Arts Ambassador for both VSA (MN) and The Academy of Special Dreams (CA) I am very blessed to share my personal message of hope and possibilities.

Personal Mantra: 

”The words, I’m possible’ is found in the word impossible.”  (Audrey Hepburn)

art gallery displaying a colorful array of annie's artwork. painted hand print wraps pillar

Art Beyond Sight

Audio Description Needed!

If you love art and are looking to make experiencing art accessible in a meaningful way to persons living with blindness or a vision impairment, please consider volunteering to write descriptions of my art.

Here is an article provided by ABS's that helps folks to understand what it means to successfully describe art to those without or limited/impaired sight.