About the Artist: Annie Young

Do you see

Oh- how I tried ... those initial years, to bring to fruition, the exact image that was loitering in my mind’s eye, for the sighted viewer to enjoy. Not the intent of the image, but the replication

what I feel?

These days, my efforts are focused on bringing forward the emotions that visit me. I want the viewers to feel what I am feeling. Sometimes this want gets misunderstood because much of my work is topographic. 

I want to know if others can see what I am feeling...

Life is Good

You will often find me wearing a ‘Life is Good’ hat. I don’t want people to feel sorry for me. I may have lost my eye sight, but I have a good life. 

I live with my husband in Minnesota. We provide a home to four-legged furballs in need of rescuing. Together we enjoy destination marathons/triathlons, music concerts and cooking. 

Personally,  I continue to dream big for myself and look forward  to what lies ahead!