I push the boundaries of my ‘perceived’ limitations using my imagination and a little paint.


I am artist. I also live with blindness. I don’t consider myself disabled; 

much less a dis-abled artist. 

...art is art regardless of who or how it is made.  Let the work speak first, tell it’s ‘story’ and if, somewhere along the line, the viewer discovers more-then it is pure bonus!

What’s New?

I  do  my  best  to  provide  a  favorable  experience  for  all  persons  who  wish  to  enjoy  my  art.  With  the  addition  of  the  Painted  Stories  page,  

I  offer  descriptions  of  artwork currently on  exhibit  which  help  persons  living  with  blindness  or  a  vision  impairment,  imagine  what  my work  looks  like.  Not  all  works  have  descriptions,  but  I  do  provide  an  artists  note  in  which  I share what  the  inspiration  was  for  the  piece.  Most  (if  not  all)  also  include  a  quote  or  a  song  lyric  that  compliments  the  work...music  and  quotes,  at  times,  help  me  to  further  communicate what I  feel  my  own  words  are  unable.

Oh yes! I'm a bag lady!

at the heART of recycling

If you are like me, you want to do your part to reduce the amount of garbage that ends up in landfills, waterways and ecosystems...especially the 'single use' plastic bags.

I also love to use my art to help make the world around me more beautiful...so it seemed like the perfect idea to use the images of my works to create tote bags! These bags come in three sizes:  

13" x 13"

16" x 16"

18" x 18"

All seams are double stitched for added durability. The bags are machine washable and are printed on both sides!

I'm sure you will love the variety! 21 images to pick from!